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Dharma Music Studio – What we do

We offer a platform which encourages and supports the creation of dharma music by giving artists the opportunity to record their works in a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere. Proceeds of this project will go to various service projects and social causes around the world.

Dharma Music Studio

Dharma Music Studio

Musik Produktion & Events

Create Unique Uplifting Music and Share it With the World.

Our Services

Recording & Mixing

Audio recordings with professional equipment and a wide range of experience in different genres for the right mixing


Production & Mastering

In order to further characterize and give the final touches to create your unique songs, we use analogue and digital enhancement


Events & Publication

We help you to publish your music and support you on your way. We organize concerts and perform at celebrations and festivals.


Ashram Band

Spiritual music to listen and sing along.

Our ashram band sings mantras in Sanskrit, songs in one of the oldest languages on earth. The soothing old sounds and their meaning combine to form a deeply healing energy.
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The Musicians

* Diese Sektion ist in Arbeit und bald verfügbar. Hier wirst du unsere Bandmitglieder und Musiker kennenlernen.

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Featured Events

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Insights into our shows

“Baba Nam Kevalam”: Only the name of the nearest and dearest One.
Sung and played by Dada Dharmvratananda and Raviindra during the last holistic leadership training at the Ananda Ashram, Wolfegg.


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